Monday, April 29, 2013

April In A Blur

 Ok, so I despise getting behind on my blogging. I'm always afraid I'm going to miss a memory and then not document it. We started our April as many others did with the celebration of Easter. Jude loved opening his Easter basket and for the first time ever, had a Reeses Egg, which like his mother, became an instant favorite. He also received a play doh set that has animal cookie cutters and who knew play doh could occupy a 2 year old for hours. If only he keeps it out of my rug! :)
 We had a wonderful and beautiful Easter, celebrating at church and in the resurrection of our Savior. Friends of ours had us over for Easter lunch and for an egg hunt, which Jude really enjoyed. Jude has gone through such a growth spurt, his Easter shirt barely fit him. I found a "War Eagle" colored polo months ago for the occasion and it ended up looking a tad bit like a muscle shirt.
 The week following Easter was my Spring break, which meant Potty Boot camp for Jude man. According to all the sites, lists, experts, yadda yadda, Jude was showing signs that he was ready. We got the potty, a stool for the big potty, jelly beans, and Reeses minis and this kid was ready. He did great the whole week off and was showing some mastery to his new skill.

When he returned to school the following week, we had prepped him for going potty at school, put on his favorite new undies, and were ready. However, on Monday, he would hold it until he could hold it no longer and wet himself. He was not having pottying at school.

On Tuesday, I got a call that Jude had 2 messy pants. :( When I picked him up, I myself was not feeling well and called Justin to meet us at home soon because we were both feeling pretty yucky. By 6 pm, I was running a fever and Jude was throwing up. The next 4 days we were consumed with messy pants, throw up, and chills. Thankfully, our bug left us, but Jude's fear of extreme stomach pain and stinging in his bottom did not and he began to refuse to go potty because he said it "hurt". Since then, we've given him a few weeks off to calm his fears and feel comfortable again. We're going to attempt the potty thing again before summer.

In April, we also traveled to Eastern Washington to see where Justin has been doing research and it was a nice weekend get away. Jude LOVED seeing all the animals and he is now an expert in knowing the different between cow poop and moose poop, thanks to the knowledge of his Daddy. I took my camera with me but it never left my duffel bag. :(
 Jude has become very interested in our habits, including using "odewant" and flossing. This kid has the best smelling tummy around and the teeth he flosses are the ones with his huge gaping whole, but he's pretty cute doing it.
I can't believe another month with this sweet man has already come and gone. According to my count down, I only have 5 more Mondays of school left and our plane tickets to NC have been purchased. Spring is here and we are so excited for new memories with our sweet boy!