Monday, January 30, 2012

A Mom's Workout

For anyone who knows me personally, I LOVE to work out and always have. Even during pregnancy, I stayed extremely active with walking, pregnancy yoga and pilates, and modified weight lifting. Once Jude was born, I continued to walk/jog, lift weights, and get back into my "before baby" body. Fortunately, my weight came off really easily (I think breast feeding helped this) and though my body is definitely different now in some ways, I weigh less than before I got pregnant. I'm sure this is because I don't have as much muscle.

With that said, I know that though looking good is a great incentive to work out, being healthy is most important. Though I LOVE my 4 day work week, working 10 hours a day Monday-Thursday really limits my time to work out during the week. We still walk/jog almost always daily simply because Jude and Mason love it, so I feel that my cardio has been maintained. However, I want to get back into more weights and kinesthetics. Through some research and the help of Pinterest, I have developed a new little work out that I started about a week ago and I've been really happy with it. My heart rate definitely gets up and my shoulders have gotten sore. (This is only a "beginners" work out, so I hope to add more things to it, but on a limited budget, aka no gym membership, and limited time, aka, this takes about 20 minutes, I feel this has great potential for maintenance purposes.) If you decide to try it, let me know. :)

Repeat this cycle 3 times:

-30 jumping jacks
-5 pushups
-25 high knees
-20 mt. climbers
-5 pushups
-10 regular squats
-15 crunches
-5 pushups
-15 crunches
-10 "toes out" squats
-30 jumping jacks
-20 lunges
-5 push ups
-25 high knees
-25 bicycle crunches

Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 Months

This sweet little guys is officially 10 months. He weighs 21 lbs, 5 oz and is 29 inches long. These are a few new things he's doing this month:

-Cruising while holding onto something, be it the coffee table, sofa, or his walker toy
-signing "All done", "more", and shaking his head for "No" (which he does far too often)
-having true temper tantrums...if he doesn't like something, he screams bloody murder
-Continuing to eat lots of yummy "real" food, new things include dried cranberries, turkey sausage, salmon, yogurt, blueberries, cinnamon rolls
-Continuing to sleep well through the night...he's usually an early riser, getting up between 6 or 6:30, but he's thrown in a few favors to Mommy and Daddy more often lately, giving us until 7 or even as late as 7:40!
-He loves playing peek-a-boo and singing
-He has learned how to get into Mason's crate, which he thinks is hysterical. If he climbs in while Mason is in it, Mason just gets up...he knows there is no way to relax with Jude crawling all over him

Jude is certainly a blessing from the Lord. I am immensely thankful to be honored to be his mother. We had the priviledge of having one of my best friend from college, Beth, to visit over the long was great to have her spend time with Jude while he's still small. I have begun 1st birthday plans...

Monday, January 9, 2012


*First, please disregard the awful "Neighborhood Watch" sign on our door...we started to scrape it off, but the door has been painted and it will have a big hole.

Yes, I am officially addicted to Pinterest. I guess the word "addicted" is a little strong. I check it every few days to see if I can get some new ideas and I only stay on it for about 15 minutes a time, but still, it's more time on the computer than I used to spend. Any who, here is my 2nd project I made from an idea I got from Pinterest. I am pretty happy with my Yarn Wreath. My first "project" was a reindeer ornaments Jude and I made for Mo Mo, Nana, and Aunti J using Jude's foot prints.

I've enjoyed getting new ideas, especially yummy recipes that I've been trying and new ideas for things to make for our new house. I saw a quote that I think sums Pinterest up quite nicely, "Pinterest is for women what Fantasy Football is for men."

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello, Goodbye

2011 was a wonderful, yet trying year in the Dellinger house hold. January and February were spent enjoying the last few weeks of being a family of 2. We enjoyed lots of snuggles, walks, and preparing for our little man to arrive. In March, Justin presented his Master's thesis and defense and prepared to graduate with his Masters from Auburn University in May. We also welcomed our beautiful son in March. After Jude's birth, we experienced an abundance of visits from family and friends. We celebrated in my sister's graduation from UNCW in May, as well as having Jude's first beach visit. The summer went by way too fast with vacations, my sister's wedding, and our farewell to Auburn and our entrance into Arizona. Justin and both started new job, Jude started day care, and our little man has not stopped going for a second. We have loved watching him grow, sharing in family traditions like carving pumpkins, watching Auburn football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We are immensely blessed and thankful for all of the trials and joys we've experienced this year.

While in college, my church in Wilmington always (and still does) a series called "My One Word" rather than a resolution. This has been something that has really been wonderful for me. Personally, I choose 1 word that I really want to focus on in my life for that year and resolve to pray over this word and seek God's guidance in becoming more like Him.

In the past, I have chosen these words: purity, trust, intentional. This year, my word is MEEK. According to Webster, this word means "showing patience and humility, gentle". Enough said.

As we say good bye to the memories that we will cherish forever from 2011, I am thrilled to see what the Lord has in store for 2012. Happy New Year!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in Asheboro

Sharing Mo Mo with Alli!
Playing outside with Pop and Daddy...trying to eat acorns like the squirrels...again, 2 other things we don't have in AZ.
Lots of time playing with all the people I love the most!
Jude has really enjoyed playing with Alli, but I think he's really missed Mason. Whenever he sees pictures of Mason, he'll say "Da" or dog and squeal.
Where has the time gone? There are too many blessings to be thankful for over our Christmas holiday. Our holiday celebrations of 2011/beginning of 2012 have ended. We have spent a lot of time sitting around enjoying time with family, playing games, and visiting friends. One of the best treats Justin and I shared was a night staying at Jillian and Phillip's house with Jude staying with Mo Mo and Pop. Justin and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner, some shopping at the best outlet mall, and some much needed time as a of all, we slept in! Whew!
This time has been the most wonderful time of celebration and I can't wait to get back home! (As in, back to NC. :))