Friday, April 29, 2011

6 Week Pictures

So handsome!

This is my favorite! I think it could be in a magazine with his name in the background and everything! The looks on their faces is priceless!

So, so sweet!

I asked a friend of mine who tabbles in photography if he would be willing to come a do a photo shoot for Jude's 6 weeks photos. I am very pleased with how they turned out and can't wait to get some up in our home!

I also wanted to take a few moments to share about what I am learning. Most of my blogs have been about Jude lately, not about what I am learning and certainly not about my marriage. A friend of mine gave me a book entitled, "Created To Be His Help Meet". Talk about being convicted! I read a chapter every day and am totally amazed with how God tells you what you need to hear exactly when you need it most. This week, I have really been hammered by being thankful. Thankfulness leads to joy. When we are bitter or keep an evil spirit about us, we can not experience fruits of the spirit like hope and joy. However, if we have a merry heart, and think upon the things that we are thankful for (and man do I have a lot), our hearts can not help but be joyful! Praise the Lord!

As I see such devastation in the very state (after those horrific storms this week) I live many lives, homes, jobs, etc were lost...I have a wonderful home (tacky blue carpet and all), a wonderful husband, and healthy baby boy (+ salvation, family, a job, friends, the list goes on and on) and yet I get angry when Justin leaves the bottle on the coffee table rather than taking it to the sink. I really need to get a grip and be THANKFUL and in return, I receive JOY! It really works!

Whew...thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit who convicts His children! Thank you Lord!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter and 6 Week Stats

My handsome little man.

Listening to Daddy tell him what's in his basket.

Everyone's favorite, "The War Eagle Story" book.

Mommy has a bad idea when I suggested to put him in the basket. :)

Happy Late Easter everyone! What a beautiful weekend to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior! We had a wonderful weekend with Papaw Derrick, Nana, and Uncle Cody! We are so glad they came to visit us.

Justin and I also had the privilege of getting Jude his first Easter basket! It was so fun to buy something for our little boy that he can play with and enjoy! We both like practical, so his basket was filled with books, teething toys, a sippy cup for later, and a Praise Baby CD. He seemed to really enjoy it!

On another note, we went to the doctor today for our 6 week appointment. Jude man weighed in at 11 pounds 1 ounce and was 22 1/2 inches long. He's in the 65th percentile for both weight and height. He is healthy and growing! We are so very blessed!

Friday, April 15, 2011

1 Month

Sweet Little Man at 1 week...very much a new born!

2 weeks...can now fit in his "coming home" outfit

3 weeks and full of smiles

4 weeks and a little man indeed

The Lord blessed us with our sweet son 1 month ago today..."Life is but a vapor" has truly begin to resonate with me. Every day I get the priviledge to care for this precious little guy all day. He is utterly dependent on me, just as I should be with the Lord. Everything he needs, I must provide for him. Anything he wants, I can give him if I feel it's best. Needless to say, I am really beginning to understand the love our Heavenly Father has for us and it's only a glimpse of what I feel for Jude. Thank you Lord for our precious little blessing!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Visit

Snuggling with Pop

Being a ham for the camera

Hanging with Uncle Zach

I was worn out after our walk

Playing with Dee Dee

Hi, this is Jude speaking...I decided to copy my good buddy Wilson Harwell and sneak a post on Momma's blog once and a while. I had such a great weekend. My Dee Dee, Pop, and Uncle Zach visited from North Carolina! What a great time! I got to go to my first restaurant, Chappy's, Mom's favorite, on Friday night. I was held A LOT, more than Momma and Daddy usually hold me. Pop and Dee Dee wouldn't put me down. I also drank from a bottle more...they all wanted to feed me. :) Dee Dee and Pop helped me get a bath and everything. The read stories to me and sang...that was pretty funny but at least they try. :) Uncle Zach tried to teach me cool boy things to do like pick my nose and scratch my crotch...Mom was not too impressed with that. We also went shopping at the mall and went on a nice long walk to Town Creek Park. It was really hot...we may need to stick to earlier in the mornings and later in the afternoons now...Alabama gets hot quick. I have figured that out really fast! I LOVED having everyone visit and can't wait for Auntie J's graduation in Wilmington in 4 weeks...the count down in on! That will also be my first visit to the beach...Momma says I'm going to love it!

Oh, and Papaw Derrick, Nana, and Uncle Cody visit in just 2 weeks...I must be a pretty special guy to have so many people love me so much!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

3 Weeks In

This was too sweet not to post :)

Wow...3 weeks ago our little man made his debut...I don't want the time to go by so quickly! I wanted to take a moment and share what God has been teaching me since Jude has been born. First, God is immeasurably patient with us as His children. When Jude is fighting sleep or his tummy hurts and is crying, it doesn't take me too long to get some what annoyed, especially at 3 am. However, how many times have I gone to the Lord, complaining, whining, just being down right spoiled (which is far more dramatic than a newborn expressing themselves the only way they know how), and God graciously takes us under His arm, never gets tired of us, never shoves a paci in our mouths, never gripes to his spouse about getting up more to help...He simply loves us and helps us grow. That is the attitude I'm trying to have...that my baby is needing some extra lovin' while trying to grow and figure life out.

Also, in Jude's short 3 week life span, God has also been revealing a lot to me about not being held captive by fear. We are studying 1 Samuel at church and I really was moved by Eli's response to Samuel after being told his sacrifice meant nothing to the Lord and there would be consequences because of his and his sons' behavior. He simply stated, "It is the Lord. Let Him do what seems good to Him." (1 Sam. 3:18) Wow...Lord, please do what you think is good for me and my family and help me to trust in You with all the details...