Saturday, October 18, 2014

11 Months

 This sweet angel turned 11 months old yesterday. It really does feel like yesterday I was 9 months pregnant with her at the pumpkin patch last year, enjoying our final weeks as a family of 3. Her 11th month has been a big one. She had surgery on September 30th to remove a dermoid cyst from her eyebrow. The surgery took about an hour and a half and did include having to be put completely under. The entire process went smoothly, including her recovery, and we could not have been more pleased with the surgeon, nurses, and everyone involved.

Miss Priss also took her first independent steps this past week. We knew it would be soon and it has happened. She is also "talking" up a storm. She clearly says Dada, Mama, bye bye, night night, and ball. She attempts to say many words like "O" for open and "Ja" for jacket. She is imitating us left and right. Justin had to use a head lamp the other night and when he took it off, she requested it and then placed it on her own head, just sitting it on top of course. She has also "combed" her hair and is beginning to push buttons, literally, on things she has observed us do, like on our phones.

She continues to be our messy one, but is learning to "put in". She of course likes to put the wrong things in the wrong places, like her brother's neat car basket dumped into the toy chest, which drives Jude absolutely nuts because it's "not wight!" but we're working on his flexibility too. :)

She is wearing mostly 12 month shirts and dresses and some 18 month pants. She loves her baby doll and the helicopter toy. She also is doing better with sitting and reading books.
 This is usually what her room looks like, since taking everything out and throwing it across the room is truly her favorite activity. Her favorites books are the touch and feel Pony book and the 100 Words for Baby.

Her favorite foods are whole wheat toast and just about any fruit. She also loves carrots. She is a good and messy eater. She sleeps between 10.5-11 hours every night and continues to take 2 naps a day, morning and late afternoon.
 Sorry this isn't great quality, but I just love the dress. Another great accomplishment this month is her behavior at church. Every week, I dreaded the drop off and the assured visit from the nursery worker, telling us they could not calm her down. However, this past month, she's been doing great! I am so thankful for the consistent and sweet ladies and families that serve our church so I can enjoy the worship and preaching services.
 Ummm....this looks like my sister so incredibly much! Sadie definitely resembles my sister as an infant, but this is just crazy.
 Jude and Sadie are doing much better interacting with one another. This past week, Jude and Justin were reading on the floor and Sadie crawled over to them. She hugged Jude and patted his head. Of course, yesterday in the grocery store, Sadie also pulled his hair and as he screamed, she cackled hysterically.  Jude also is really great at trying to be gentle. I think my favorites moments of them together are on our daily walks. I have the stroller positioned to where they are facing one another and they make each other laugh and "talk" to each other...Jude doing most of the talking of course.
 We are really enjoying the fall season. We got pumpkins yesterday and plan for our annual carving tomorrow! I truly can not believe that this time next month my baby will be 1. I am so thankful for these beautiful gifts. I am blessed to by their Mommy!