Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Time and Maybe a "Vent Session"

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "The days are long, but the years are short." Well, I've been struggling with this. My sweet little guy isn't so baby'ish any more. Though he is still very young (19 months) he's walking and talking and doing minimal chores and developing his own personality. Though he still wants to snuggle and cries when I leave, I know these moments are fleeting. I don't want to bask in nostalgia, but enjoy these moments, and the moments to come.

With our most recent move, I started a new teaching job, that though it's very rewarding, it's also very challenging and I had to leave my wonderful 4 day week at my old school. I had the opportunity to stay home with Jude for 4.5 months after he was born and then only teach 4 days a week at my new teaching position while in AZ. I became very spoiled. I had no idea the shift of going back to 5 days a week would effect me this much, emotionally that is. I miss Jude. I mean, I truly LONG for my time with him in the evenings. Justin and I almost argue over who rocks him to sleep, who bathes him, and who gets to wake him up in the morning (except on the weekends :)). With that said, my desire to be at home has gotten even stronger. I know that due to Justin's PhD and job position, this is not possible for us now, but I am thankful that it is something we're working for in the future. (For those who don't know, I do EVERYTHING in the books to make it "work" but with a husband in school full time, student loans, and air fare, I have to work. I coupon, we own only 1 car, we have no cable, limited cell phones, shop at thrift stores, I give the boys hair cuts, etc. Judgers, judge a way.) I do not judge Mom's who choose to always work, mine did, but for me and our family, I know that I want this for a season while our children are small. I'm sad that I won't be able to have it for all of Jude's young years, but I am hopeful God will provide this in the future.

This week, Jude contracted Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease from day care. (Almost every single child in his class got it.) For those who don't know, it's not related to the animal disease Hoof and Mouth. :) Though it's not terribly serious, it's extremely uncomfortable, and for Jude, has cause blisters all over his mouth and throat. I know it's a childhood thing, but my baby has been pitiful. With that said, as much as I long to be with Jude every day, I've been forced to do just that this week while staying home with him. And you know what, I haven't taken advantage of it. I think of my to-do list often, checking off chores, budgets, looking up news, especially about the election, and even being tempted to waste time on FB. I pray daily for God to provide for our family in His timing to allow me to stay home and to minister and love on my children full time, and when He gives me that, even if it is because Jude is sick, I don't take advantage of it. Can you say "discontented heart"?

As I was rocking Jude today to get him to nap, I was singing to him and praying over him and the Holy Spirit spoke right to me. He said, "Enjoy this." Simple. Yes, Jude was sweaty and sleepy and whiney. But I am home for the day, exactly what I know my heart really wants. Who cares if the sheets are in the dryer or the dishes are in the sink. I get to hold my sweet "baby" boy for a little while longer. I'm beginning to understand why my Mom said her house would be kept when her children were grown.

Speaking of the devil, my sweet baby is waking now and I get to be with him! :) Not at 4:30 this afternoon like usual, now, at 3 pm!

On a lighter note, we had a wonderful weekend last weekend with sweet friends from AZ who came to visit and Mom and Jillian will be here tomorrow night! Picture post will be soon.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Carkeek Park

 Last weekend, we drove into Seattle and visited Carkeek Park. We had a great time. It's a nice park with lots of trails and right on the Puget Sound. You have no idea you're in a major city. It has a nice playground, including this amazing salmon slide. It was a little intimidating at first, but Jude really enjoyed it and kept asking "Again!" over and over.
 This indepedent little fellow loves these rocking things at every park...another hit for the day.
 After the playground, we walked onto the beach area, which was wonderful. The water was lovely and there were boats, geese, and ducks. We also saw 3 "choo choos" which made this little guy very happy! He played with the sea weed and crab shells and got really close to the geese. Jude enjoyed the sand and sticking his feet in the frigid water.
 He loved splashing in the puddles..
 And, watching the boats with Daddy. We had a small temper tantrum when we had to leave.

After the park, we went to UW's bookstore, which has an amazing selection of children's books. We had a great time there and Jude picked out some things for Christmas. On the way home, we stopped by Ezell's, a fried chicken place that was yummy! It was a taste of home...fried chicken, yeast rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, and sweet tea. Justin and I both agreed it's one of our favorite family memories. We had a wonderful time and it's so amazing to watch Jude continue to grow, learn, and develop his own little personality.
And yes, today is my birthday. I have enjoyed home made (by Justin!) Peanut Butter crossiants for breakfast, a wonderful service at church, and a friend is watching Jude tonight so Justin and I can have our first date night since our anniversary (July 19th). It's way over due! I am one lucky gal! (I also bought some new Seattle attire with birthday money!) :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Utmost Concern

It's October, already? Holy Cow! For people of know me, you know that Fall is my favorite season. Everything about Fall, I love! Pumpkins, the changing colors to orange, yellow, brown, and red. Football. Fashion. (I am a huge fan of cool enough to needs jeans and scarves, and the occasional boot, but not of frigid air.) The smells or cinnamon, sweet potatoes, and pears. The noise of crackling leaves, fire pits, and a light breeze. Ah, everything. And, not to mention my birthday. I'm so excited, yet nervous about this season...nervous you may ask. Well, Seattle's fall is much different than the South's fall. Apparently, the rainy season is coming. We have had GORGEOUS weather since we've moved. Nice, crisp mornings with highs in the high 60's to mid 70's. Lovely. But, the rain is coming. I'm nervous. Fall may not be the same for me any more...

Ok, back to the title of my blog. When I was pregnant with Jude, a parent of a student of mine at the time gave me some wonderful parenting literature by a wonderful conservative couple, Michael and Debi Pearl. I've enjoyed their thoughts and words of wisdom on raising children according to God's words. As I was reading in a new book I just started, they wrote this prayer and I wanted to share it (it's praying over our children):

"May they be lovers of God, co-workers with the Holy Spirit, and a friend to the Lord Jesus. And when their trail ends, may it end at the throne of God, laying crowns at the Savior's feet."

Oh, how I need to be in prayer over Jude continually, that he would grow in the knowledge of God's love and goodness and grace. I am so thankful that the Lord placed Justin and me in a families that taught us God's word and I pray that Justin and I will continue this heritage of faith.