Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hodge Podge

We had had a lot going on in the last few weeks and I know it's past time for me to catch up on the blog. Both babes are growing like weeds and we are in full force and ready for summer, including our upcoming trip to North Carolina! We have a "Carolina Countdown" and yes, Jude's suitcase is already packed. :) We have one excited boy!

 Miss Priss is FINALLY liking the bath, knock on a huge piece of wood. From the day she was born until last week, she would scream the second her big toe touched the water and now that she has figured out how to splash, she's in heaven.

Since our last post, Prissy has turned 6 months old officially and is really beginning to move. She is no longer army crawling, but actually thrusting herself from a plank position. She still won't crawl on her knees but she's getting places. She is also sitting up pretty well, hence the picture below. I won't leave her alone without her boppy for more than a few seconds, but she's actually really good at catching herself.
 Sadie's favorite toys continue to be her singing puppy and any toy that makes noise. She also really loves stuffed animals. She hugs thems and puts them in her mouth. She also smiles at them. We have her baby doll in her crib and many mornings we wake up to her "talking" to the baby, coo'ing and ahh'ing. It's quite adorable. She is also sucking on a pacifier during the day. It's not something I'm going to push at this point, as she is doing well at night. She goes down between 8:30 pm and 9 (we've officially dropped the late evening cat nap just this past week) and sleeps until anywhere between 5:30 and 7:30 am. If she's up before 7, I nurse her in bed and make her go back to sleep. (Well, attempt to and most of the time it works.)
 She is doing well with solids. Right now we feed at lunch and dinner. It's usually a combo of a fruit or veggie with either rice cereal or whole milk greek yogurt. She hasn't refused anything we've tried thus far (sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, avacado, carrots, bananas, apple sauce, or peaches) but her favorite for sure was peaches. I make all my own baby food and when she tried them, she lit up. We also have tried a few finger foods, including Puffs and small pieces of avacado. She hasn't cut teeth yet, so no biggie. She's doing great holding her own cup and actually prefers a cup with a straw. Since she doesn't take a bottle much (she will if she has to), she's not used to holding her head back in that position but is more comfortable holding the cup like a teether.

Her stats for 6 months (at 6 months and 2 weeks) are as follows:
Height: 27 in. (80%)
Weight: 17 lb. 15 oz (55%)
Head Circumference: 44 cm (85%)

Sweet baby girl is really growing and she is such a joy. She is slimming down now that she's moving and has a lot less rolls. She is so friendly and smiles at everyone. I won't lie, she's super attached. They had to come get me twice on Sunday from the nursery because she wanted me. The second I walked in, she calmed down. I'm hoping this summer can help with that a bit as family can watch her some for me. :)
 And this sweet man. This is how we spend many of our days...playing outside with Mason. We love our big yard, open space, and places to find adventure. Jude has really adjusted to our new home and seems to really like it. He's doing great at our new church and is making new friends with children in my Mommy's Group. (That's another huge blessing! God had greatly provided wonderful Christian friends for me here.)
 Please excuse the food in his mouth, but it is rare I get a decent picture of this child these days. We got a new summer do and he looks pretty studly.  He continues to impress us with his corny sense of humor and his observations. Just tonight we had been talking about Father's Day coming up and he said, "You have Mudder's Day and Daddy has Fadder's Day...when is Kid's Day?" I laughed out loud. I guess he's wondering when he gets to sleep in, have breakfast in bed, and get presents.
 On a whole different note, I realized that Sadie's nursery was never debuted as Jude's was. Being the 2nd born, I'm sure that's not atypical but since she's my sweet baby girl, I wanted to share with family and friends who won't be able to see it in person how it turned out.

We used all of the same furniture that we used for Jude and made it her own with decor and new bedding. The cuddle sign above was actually a gift from my college roommate back in college and I thought it went perfect in this place. The flowers are from my wedding and the lamp shade is Pottery Barn Kids.
 These are 2 50 cents frames I found at a thrift store that I painted and glued ribbon to. I thought they turned out quite nice.
 We chose, well, I guess I chose since Justin could care less, ha to use purples and creams. I really like how the different shades of purple tie in with the butterfly mobile.

 This was my Pinterest inspired project. I'm ok with how it turned out but it was fun to make it with Jude.
 This is actually something Justin made for me back in college while we were dating and I thought it was perfect for our little girl's room.

So, a little this, a little that, a hodge podge of what's going on with the Dellinger clan. We miss our friends on the west side but are thankful for the new blessings here. We are looking forward to a wonderful visit to North Carolina coming up (including my 10 year reunion!)