Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Springing Up...

These are some of my favorite blooms this time of year and they're all in my own yard! Tulips, a Japanese Magnolia tree, and azaleas!
Spring time is officially here. Though our cars, porches and sidewalks are colored with yellow from the pollen, there is a reason why spring represents life. There are new trees, flowers and plants coming up every day. There are new bugs and animals buzzing and sneaking around, ready for a new year. There is so much LIFE! And, when we can't take the pollen any more, there will be rain, rain to wash it all away. We may seem remnants of yellow here and there, but without pollen, we could not have these plants. We must live with it at times to experience the beauty of spring.
As we just celebrated a wonderful Easter with the Dellingers (pictures are to come), I was reminded of the new life that I am given through Christ and the washing away of my sins. What an amazing gift! In Luke 24, we can read the story about the Jesus' resurrection. As the women went to lay spices on Jesus' body, they were frightened by 2 angels saying, "Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!" Then, they remembered what He had said.

That's right, my Savior is not in a grave, he's not an idol I can see, he is alive and active in me! He is the risen Lord, mighty and powerful, who has saved me from my sin. I am nothing without Him. I fail every day. saying things I shouldn't, doing things I shouldn't, but God's grace has covered me. Like the new flowers coming up, I am a new creature in Christ. Like the pollen that stains our yards, it can and will be washed away. Praise the Lord.

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