Monday, November 22, 2010

My Silly Students

I guess you could say that I have really "popped" in the last 3 weeks. I am officially 23 1/2 weeks pregnant and until about week 21, I could tell I was pregnant, but everyone else insisted that there was barely a bump. Well, Jude is definitley growing. At my last appointment, I was measuring perfectly and was right on target for healthy weight gain. Most importantly, Jude's heart beat was healthy and he's definitely moving around like crazy. You can see my stomache move and it's so neat to think about who our sweet son will become and how God is going to use him.

Any who, last week I wore a fitted shirt that really showed off my growing stomache and one of my students decided to tell me, "Wow. Mrs. D! Your baby is really growing!" It was too funny!

Jude is very low. Pregnancy has really shown just how long waisted I am. Most people by the 5th month have their belly button protruding and I'm into my 6th and it's not even 1/2 way out. Like I said, I'm measuring perfect, so it's not that I'm smaller, it's just he has a lot of room before he get's into my ribs.

I apologize for a lack of pictures. My camera broke and I'm hoping to get one at Christmas. Mom took pictures of me at 20 weeks when they visited, but has yet to send them to me. Hopefully, Jillian will take some on Wednesday and I can share then. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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