Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trip Home

 Jude and I had the wonderful opportunity to go home to NC over my mid-winter break. What a blessing. After heading to the airport on Saturday to get on the plane and sitting on the run way for 2 hours, they cancelled our flight due to electrical issues, AHHH. We did the whole thing over on Sunday and finally made it home (aka Jillian's house) for me to have little Eli in my arms for the first time. Jillian was in the delivery room with Justin and me when Jude was born so to wait nearly 4 weeks after his birth to hold him was very hard. He is so precious and such a content little guy.
 Jude did really awesome with meeting Eli. We had talked about it quite a bit. Right after this picture, Jude politely said, "Mommy no hold dat baby. (while pointing) Mo Mo hold dat baby." As soon as my Mom had Eli, Jude wrapped his arms around my neck.
 By the end of the week, Jude was really loving on Eli. He would put his bap (pacifier) in his mouth, rock him, flap his ears, and even asked to "Jude hold dat baby." He wanted to "bounce him" on his knees, haha. He even shared a Fruit Loop with him which we had to quickly grab out of Eli's mouth. I think my favorite memories of Jude with his first meetings with Eli were how he referred to him as being "so tiny" and saying that he "ate JJ's boobies". (sorry it that's TMI but it was hysterical)
 Right before this picture JJ's dog Alli was on the bed with the boys but we couldn't snap a picture quick enough.
In spite of starting the week with a virus, messed up plane trips, and travelling across the country, Jude was and always has been a trooper. We only had a few through yourself in the floor tantrums. :)

We had such a wonderful visit. It was great to spend time with family and friends (my college roomie Boofee came for dinner one night) as well as Justin's family. Jude had a quick visit with great- grandparents and my inlaws came to visit for a day. We also had an early birthday party for Jude while they were there, including cow and Elmo cupcakes, per request. Jude wanted me to keep lighting his candle over and over so he could blow it out. He cried when we sang to him, but he LOVED the cows on his "cupakes".

We are so blessed to have had our time with family. To say it was emotional to leave is an understatement as our boys are growing oh so fast. The Lord is always faithful to fill the void in my heart when I miss my family.

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