Friday, May 17, 2013

Northwest Trek

 On a beautiful spring weekend we had the fun opportunity to go the Northwest Trek, about an hour and a half away. It's essentially a specialized zoo with animals all native to the Northwest area. You ride a tram and see animals right up next to you as well as seeing other animals (like bears and mountain lions) in secured exhibits. Needless to say, our animal loving boy LOVED this trip!
 Jude is becoming so independent and loves being buddies with Daddy.
 He still prefers Mommy though, especially if he has a boo boo, or is getting sleepy.
 We saw some amazing animals, very up close, as you can see from below. Jude had a wonderful time and the whole tram got a kick out of his reactions. He often could spot animals quicker than Justin and me.

On the way home, we got to see this amazing view of Mt. Rainier. It was breathtaking! We also passed a Sonic (which are far and few between here) so I definitely enjoyed some cheesy tots and a cherry limeade slush.

We had a wonderful weekend and it's so wonderful seeing Jude enjoy God's creation and being in awe of it.

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