Sunday, September 8, 2013

29 Weeks

Well, other than a few posts here and there to announce that we're actually pregnant, poor Baby Girl has taken the back burner on the blog updates. First of all, please disregard the public restroom back ground. We took a tour of the Birth Center where she will be born yesterday and it dawned on me that I have not journaled, blogged, updated, etc nearly as much with her as I did with Jude. Though this is to be expected with a 2nd born, I don't won't to forget the special things, so while it was on my mind, I took a tummy pic

This past week I was 29 weeks, which totally blows me away. This pregnancy has flown by and our little girl will be here before we know it.

We have decided on a name; Sadie Caroline. We always said that we wanted to use Caroline as a middle name for our first girl. Since Justin and I have moved so much, we want a piece of our home with her no matter where she goes. It's also a female derivative of Carl, which we're not particularly fond of, but it means "warrior" which is a strong meaning. As for the first name, we were pretty set on Tess for a while. I wanted something that sounded some what Southern and with a last name like Dellinger, we agreed that shorter is better. We even referred to her as Tess for a few weeks, but it just wasn't sticking. We started playing around with a few names and we landed on Sadie. It's the Hungarian form of Sarah, which means "princess". With her name truly meaning "Princess Warrior" (no thanks to Xena the show, thank you) we thought it was a perfect combination of femininity and strength.

As far as my pregnancy goes, other than the fact that I'm carrying her similar to how I carried Jude (very low), my experiences could not be more different. They only "side effect" I had with Jude was extreme exhaustion, which faded after the first trimester. I had a pretty smooth, rather easy pregnancy with him. This one could not be more different. Though thankfully I've not had huge concerns, I've just had more small things, like the extreme nausea (which warranted a prescription), several bladder infections and a lot more discomfort in my back and pelvic area. I also have placenta previa. We will go back in a few weeks for an additional ultrasound that will determine if a C-section must be planned. Again, our baby girl is healthy, which is what matters. However, my level of comfort has definitely been different this time around.

Jude is also incredibly far. I think his experience with watching my sister go through her pregnancy with my nephew has helped. The whole JJ has a huge tummy, then there is a baby makes some sense to him. He often pokes at my belly button and asks when is she going to come out. He also will push on my tummy to make her move and they kind of play together. It's pretty awesome. He also told Justin that he was going to protect her and love her when she comes out. He asks to pray for her and says it's ok if she cries, a little. We'll see how those things go when she actually arrives, but so far, it seems that his heart is soft toward his baby sister and God is preparing him for a change.

On another note, I am thankful to have the first week of school behind me and ready to get things going as I prepare for my maternity leave. It will be very hard for me to leave my classroom with someone else, trusting they're take care of things while I'm gone. I pray daily that God will grant me great peace, as well as an opportunity to possibly have less hours next year, as my heart is longing to be home with our babes.

"All good and perfect things are from above.."

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