Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Fab 5

The Fab 5 (my best friends from college) made a vow to always get together once a year. At the end of March we had our 1st Annual Fab 5 Girls Weekend. We had such a great time catching up and enjoying stories about each others lives apart from each other. Candy dish (Candice) is working at an accouting firm in NJ, Nat (Natalie) is teaching in Raleigh, Martha Bee (Martha) is teaching near Pine Level and planning for hers and Tom's wedding, Boof (Beth) is teaching in Burlington and also planning a wedding...with Lamar! I am posting this because this Sunday, May 10th, will mark a year since graduating from UNCW. After spending the weekend with them, celebrating Martha's Bachelorette Weekend, and then spending time with my sister in Wilmington, I became very nostalgic. I am so very blessed to be where I am, to be married to a wonderful man, and to live in an awesome town, however, I really miss my girls! God is so good and allows for awesome connections to form around every corner. The Fab 5 will always be so special to me!

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