Thursday, August 6, 2009

Family Pictures!

The Lambs; Momma, Daddy, Zach, Jillian, Justin and me
The Dellingers 1; Derrick, Gina, Cody, Justin and me

The Dellingers 2-Me and Justin
God has greatly blessed us with wonderful families. It's amazing to see how God is faithful to those who serve Him. Our parents and siblings are reminders of this amazing faithfulness. We were able to share an entire week with Justin's family at Holden Beach, NC a few weeks ago. On Wednesday of that week, my family was able to come and join us. We enjoyed long days at the beach, catching waves and laying out in the sun, and playing games around the dining room table at night. Aside from all the good stuff, I was sick through out most of the week with an "issue". I had to go to the doctor and have some yucky stuff done along with new medications that make you sensitive to the sun! Who wants to be sensitive to the sun at the beach? NOT ME! It worked out fine though and it still was a great week of relaxation and catching up with our families. I love family vacations and 2009 is one to remember!
More Summer pictures are still to come.


Anonymous said...

This is Boofee! Are you feeling better? Is there still an issue? Please keep me updated!

The Dellingers said...

Oh, you're too sweet. Nope, I'm all better! Yay!