Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break 2010

A sunset at Ocean Isle
My view while walking around UNCW's campus.

One of the wonderful things about being a teacher is you have a students' schedule. I honestly think I appreciate spring break more now than I ever did in school. We ended our school week with a fun time at Special Olympics Bowling Practice and a pizza party and then the break officially began! I stayed in Auburn the first weekend of spring break to spend time with Justin and Mason and get some things done around the house. We enjoyed going to Keisel, snuggling while watching movies, and watching baskbetball. (Justin had to stay in Auburn to get work done and it was my first time ever being away from Mason for more than a few days. :()

After lots of errands and cleaning on Monday, I left early on Tuesday to head to NC. I bought a box of doughnuts from D2 for the fam to enjoy. I spent the next few days shopping with Mom and catching up on my Law and Order SVU and CSI:NY shows with Mom, Dad, and Zach. Good times of relaxation! On Thursday I headed east to Wilmington and spent the evening with Jill and the Alberts. Man, do I miss that boy! It was so great to see them all!
On Friday Jill and I enjoyed the beautiful weather at the loop! Then, my girls weekend began with eating at 2 Guys Grill on Friday night and catching up! It was so great to see Nat, Martha and Boof (we missed you Candice!). The weather was perfect and we enjoyed laying out on Saturday, shopping at the Outlets, and eating yummy crabcakes for dinner. Such a great time!

There is a reason why the Lord said to take time and be still and rest. This past week was a wonderful time with family and friends who are greatly missed. Only 44 more days of school!

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