Monday, June 14, 2010

Learning & Praying...

God continues to reveal so many issues of my heart to me as I try to seek Him more. I am currently reading Francis Chan's book, "Crazy Love", and it has deeply convicted my complancency in my walk with Christ. It is so easy to get comfortable in our walk and think we're doing ok, but I need a reality check to remind me of my sin and my great need for Him. One quote that I'm meditating on right now is this, "God does not NEED us, yet He always WANTS us. Quite the contrary is true of us. We rarely truly WANT Jesus, yet we always NEED Him." Oh, how I'm learning to need and want Him more, to love Him deeply and passionately, as He molds my heart to be more like His.

Lord, I know the my circumstances stir deep emotion. Sometimes I worry. Sometimes I obsess over things I cannot control. Yet, my circumstances can be disruptive. I want to have a heart that has no need to fear—anything. I want to find delight in the things you ask of me. So I will begin with what I know and will be obedient to You today, for my faith knows that being blessed is being forgiven. Offering myself to you is the best application of my faith. So I will delight in You! Amen

*This is a prayer that I got off of PC3's devotions last really hit home to what I'm dealing with now and I wanted to share it with you all. Check out their daily devotions at their website: (This is the church I attended while in college.)

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