Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tis So Sweet

There are so many things on my mind right now. I fear that this blog will be a vent/rambling session. Oh well, here it goes:

As Christmas quickly approaches, God has really placed on my heart how richly blessed we are. I hear of people have death and sickness in their families, as well as so many homes that will have little food and gifts this season. As I sit here and type, I sense God asking me to really love on people right now. We should always do this, it's kind of a big deal, but especially right now. Justin has been absolutley amazing the last few weeks as he's been placed under such stress at school/work, but he's really stepped it up at home, in spite of what's going on inside. I can feel Jude moving around like crazy right this second and I am reminded of the precious gift God has given us...our first son.

On days when I feel like complaining or being rude or just frustrated, I have to remember how richly blessed I am. Justin and I both have good jobs, we have a safe home, reliable vehicles, a healthy baby growing inside, a loving and supportive family, I mean, seriously, the list could go on and on, yet I often question Him!?!? "What if this happens?" or "I don't want that." are so quick to come to my mind, but God is asking me to trust Him with the details. To really surrender.

As I was doing a quiet time yesterday, for some reason, the old song "Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus" came to my mind and I've been singing it every since. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the "little" things of life that I forget that my purpose here is to bring Him glory. I am learning, it really is so sweet to just trust Him.

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