Friday, April 15, 2011

1 Month

Sweet Little Man at 1 week...very much a new born!

2 weeks...can now fit in his "coming home" outfit

3 weeks and full of smiles

4 weeks and a little man indeed

The Lord blessed us with our sweet son 1 month ago today..."Life is but a vapor" has truly begin to resonate with me. Every day I get the priviledge to care for this precious little guy all day. He is utterly dependent on me, just as I should be with the Lord. Everything he needs, I must provide for him. Anything he wants, I can give him if I feel it's best. Needless to say, I am really beginning to understand the love our Heavenly Father has for us and it's only a glimpse of what I feel for Jude. Thank you Lord for our precious little blessing!

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