Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Visit

Snuggling with Pop

Being a ham for the camera

Hanging with Uncle Zach

I was worn out after our walk

Playing with Dee Dee

Hi, this is Jude speaking...I decided to copy my good buddy Wilson Harwell and sneak a post on Momma's blog once and a while. I had such a great weekend. My Dee Dee, Pop, and Uncle Zach visited from North Carolina! What a great time! I got to go to my first restaurant, Chappy's, Mom's favorite, on Friday night. I was held A LOT, more than Momma and Daddy usually hold me. Pop and Dee Dee wouldn't put me down. I also drank from a bottle more...they all wanted to feed me. :) Dee Dee and Pop helped me get a bath and everything. The read stories to me and sang...that was pretty funny but at least they try. :) Uncle Zach tried to teach me cool boy things to do like pick my nose and scratch my crotch...Mom was not too impressed with that. We also went shopping at the mall and went on a nice long walk to Town Creek Park. It was really hot...we may need to stick to earlier in the mornings and later in the afternoons now...Alabama gets hot quick. I have figured that out really fast! I LOVED having everyone visit and can't wait for Auntie J's graduation in Wilmington in 4 weeks...the count down in on! That will also be my first visit to the beach...Momma says I'm going to love it!

Oh, and Papaw Derrick, Nana, and Uncle Cody visit in just 2 weeks...I must be a pretty special guy to have so many people love me so much!

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