Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Weekend

Jude and Mamaw Joyce
Jude checking out his Easter Basket
His sweet Easter outfit
Easter 2012-Dellinger Style
We had a wonderful weekend last weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Savior! Praise the Lord! Not only did we enjoy our weekend, but we had a special visitor, Justin's Mamaw Joyce! She was with us Thursday evening through Tuesday evening and what a blessing! We had a wonderful time showing her our small town here and just visiting. She and I took turns whooping up on Justin in Gin and she has a ball staying with Jude Monday and Tuesday while we were at work.
We of course took her to our favorite authentic Mexican restaurant, Los Robertos. We also took her up into the Pinal Mountains so show her the views, as well as enjoy the cooler weather and quiet scenery.
I think my favorite part of the weekend had to be our church picnic. The Lord has blessed us with a sweet, quaint church here in AZ. We are by far the youngest couple in the congregation, but the people there love Jesus and adore Jude. The continually dote on him and we are so thankful to have these people in our lives. One of the families in our church are ranchers. They run a ranch of 17,000 square miles. Yes, you read that correctly, 17,000 square miles. After the service on Sunday, we all drove the 30 minute drive to their home (10 miles of dirt road) and enjoyed a wonderful picnic at their ranch. We spent the whole afternoon there and it was wonderful enjoying good food and fellowship. I felt like Laura Ingalls a few times, I won't lie. :)
I also wanted to mention Jude's favorite part of his Easter basket. We got him the movie "Where the Red Fern Grows". It was a favorite of both mine and Justin's growing up and now having our own hound, we wanted to Jude to have it. He's not really into watching t.v., at all, but every time he heard one of the dogs howl on the movie, he would watch it, point, and say "dog". He enjoyed just looking at the picture of the dogs on the front of the DVD case...too cute!
We are so thankful to have enjoyed such a wonderful season of joy and thanksgiving! Happy Late Easter!

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