Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sweetness-13 Month Check In

In the words of one of my friends, "You don't have a baby any more; you've got a toddler." I think she's pretty accurate. This little man is becoming such a big boy. Yes, I'm a little late on a 13 month post, but I am getting to it. I'm thankful to make myself do this so I won't forget. I remember friends telling me that you forget the small things and I thought, "I never will" but I already have in some of the early months.

Jude man is all boy. He loves his blocks, throwing balls, and animals. He also LOVES water. He cries when bath time is over and he's grown to enjoy playing in Mason's water bowl. Because that is disgusting, we bought him a kiddie pool, which he loves and insists in playing with any time we're outside. He also loves his Mason. These two rarely leave one another's side. Mason even naps under his crib on days we're home. I am so thankful Mason is so gentle with him.

Jude has learned to sign "please" in the past week. This means his signs are up to more, milk, all done, and please. I'm working on teaching water (since he signs milk for that too right now) and thank you. He babbles a lot and recognizes many words, but doesn't verbalize a whole lot. He still says Daddy, Momma, dog, and cracker. He is very good at pointing and then saying "more" to let us know what he wants though. We have definitely begun having to discipline this little guy. Most often it's because he's playing in Mason's food bowl or throwing food from the table. Over all, knock on wood, he understands "no" and listens. That doesn't mean he doesn't temporarily scream when removed from a situation, but over all, he's doing well with taking direction. I know this will continue to develop.

He's in a big boy car seat and has been for a while. He definitely prefers facing forward. I know there are a lot of studies that say children should stay facing back ward for as long as possible, but this poor child screamed bloody murder every time he was in the car until we turned him around. He's definitely over the weight limit for facing forward so Justin and I agreed to go ahead and turn him around.

He continues to be a good eater and a good helper. He is learning to put things in the dryer, as well as throwing things in the trash. He is very loving and enjoys snuggling when tired and being sung too. He likes books, but he prefers opening and closing them, rather than reading and entire one, but we make sure to read to hiim at least 1 short book a day.

Jude has a buddy, Isaac, who he stays with during the day. Isaac will be 2 in June and his Mom is who cares for Jude 3 days out of the week. They are a good, godly family and I am so thankful the Lord brought them into our lives. Jude and Isaac have become good pals. They play so well together, hold hands, and give each other kisses. They share well and when Jude goes down for his morning nap (since Issac just has 1 afternoon nap now) he says "no seep baby dude" and waits at the door for him, haha. I am so thankful they are learning from one another.

Jude continues to soak things up continually and amaze us with his sweet temperament. I will not lie, he can be a "mean little cuss" in Justin's word, but it's usually because he's frustrated and can't tell us, teething (oh, by the way, he's been cutting 3 molars the past 2 weeks, poor baby), or because he's slowly learning he can't always have what he wants, when he wants it.

I am so thankful to have the honor in raising this child. What a blessing he is!

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