Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Shoes Please

 Sorry the quality of these pictures aren't great, but I have not updated to a Smart Phone or anything and this is what you get with something old school. Jude man turns 14 months today. He is the sweetest little booger, yes, I know, I'm probably a little bias, but he really is. He is soaking up things like a sponge. Right now, he loves playing Ring Around the Rosies, especially the "All fall down" part. He likes to dance and being tickled. His favorite toys are his blocks, his animals, and his race track. He's definitely all boy and enjoys playing in the rocks and dirt in our yard.

He still eats like a horse and other than green veggies, will eat about anything, except mac and cheese. Strange, I know but I think it's the texture. He also will only eat cheese when it's melted on something now. He still gets his veggies by me hiding them. I make smoothies almost every day for him and I always add spinach leaves. He'll also eat broccoli or asparagus when they are covered in cheese, which I'm ok with since he needs the calcium. :)

Jude is a snuggle bug and still sleeps like a champ. He is an early rise though, getting up by 6:15 am every morning. Never thought I would think 7 am was sleeping in. We're really looking forward to our summer in North Carolina and can't wait for these last few weeks of school to be over!
Cute little story I wanted to share...Jude's feet STINK...I mean like man feet, so I decided shoes that could air his feet out more would be a better choice for him. Who knew $3.87 could make a child so happy. I picked up these cheapies at Wal-mart yesterday and the kid won't take them off. He shakes his head "no" when I tell him it's time to take his shoes off. This morning, when Papaw walked in (Justin's grandparents are here visiting) the first thing Jude did was go get his new shoes, sit on the floor, hand the shoes to Papaw and say "Shoes please" while pointing to his feet. Precious!

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