Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Utmost Concern

It's October, already? Holy Cow! For people of know me, you know that Fall is my favorite season. Everything about Fall, I love! Pumpkins, the changing colors to orange, yellow, brown, and red. Football. Fashion. (I am a huge fan of cool enough to needs jeans and scarves, and the occasional boot, but not of frigid air.) The smells or cinnamon, sweet potatoes, and pears. The noise of crackling leaves, fire pits, and a light breeze. Ah, everything. And, not to mention my birthday. I'm so excited, yet nervous about this season...nervous you may ask. Well, Seattle's fall is much different than the South's fall. Apparently, the rainy season is coming. We have had GORGEOUS weather since we've moved. Nice, crisp mornings with highs in the high 60's to mid 70's. Lovely. But, the rain is coming. I'm nervous. Fall may not be the same for me any more...

Ok, back to the title of my blog. When I was pregnant with Jude, a parent of a student of mine at the time gave me some wonderful parenting literature by a wonderful conservative couple, Michael and Debi Pearl. I've enjoyed their thoughts and words of wisdom on raising children according to God's words. As I was reading in a new book I just started, they wrote this prayer and I wanted to share it (it's praying over our children):

"May they be lovers of God, co-workers with the Holy Spirit, and a friend to the Lord Jesus. And when their trail ends, may it end at the throne of God, laying crowns at the Savior's feet."

Oh, how I need to be in prayer over Jude continually, that he would grow in the knowledge of God's love and goodness and grace. I am so thankful that the Lord placed Justin and me in a families that taught us God's word and I pray that Justin and I will continue this heritage of faith.

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