Friday, January 11, 2013

Why I Like Police Officers

This is a slightly random post, but I feel that I hear a lot of negativity about police officers, especially when we get speeding tickets or we see a cop drive really fast down the high way with no lights or sirens on. I know, like in ANY profession, there are cops who don't really do what they need to do or actually do what they shouldn't do, but I feel that being a police officer is a noble job and one that many people do not take advantage for and truly do want what's best for their community.

Over Christmas break, Jude took a bad tumble face first down my parents' back porch steps, taking us to the ER and now a series of doctors and pediatric dentists. (As of today, one tooth has become abscessed aka infected) and will more than likely need to be extracted, meaning general anasthesia and a gaping hole in Jude's mouth for the next several years. (X rays will also tell us if any damage was done to permanant teeth.)

With all that said, when the fall happened, Justin, Jillian, Jude and me immediately jumped in the car and my Dad, like any good Pop would do, drove like a crazy, yet being responsible person would do to get us to the ER. He sped a little and did some illegal passing, but overall, was safe. At one point we got behind a car that had a fire fighter license plate so my Dad put his 4 way flashers on, honked the horn politely, and tried to motion that we needed to get up the road or have him pull to the side so we could safely pass. The car SLOWED down and any time my Dad tried to pass him in a safe zone, he would speed up. My Dad was finally able to get around him and we pulled into the ER. I ran in with Jude, not knowing the damage, with him screaming, blood all over him and me, and Jillian explained what happened. There was a very nice police officer standing there observing what was going on. (Take note my Dad was parking at this time.)

A few minutes later, the police officer came up to my sister and asked her if she drove a silver camry. She said, "No I don't, but my brother does." (This was the car my Dad was driving to the ER.) Any who. The car that we passed who was being such a jerk had followed us to the ER and made a complaint about my Dad's driving to the police officer. The police officer politely told him where he could put it and reminded him that any family rushing their child to the hospital was ok by him. He told him he saw a baby with a bloodied face and screaming, he would have done the same thing for his own child.

That is why I like police officers. He took the high road and though technically, did my Dad break a few traffic laws that day, yes, but for the greater good. They're still out there, doing the right thing.

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