Friday, January 4, 2013

Belated Christmas Post

Christmas came and went quicker than I could have imagined it would have. The good thing about living across the country from family is that Jude gets to have 3 "Christmas mornings". 1 with us before leaving, 1 with Justin's family on actual Christmas day, and 1 with my family when we arrive in Asheboro.

Christmas break started with a minor set back. We were supposed to fly out on Thursday, 12/20 but due to the weather in the mid west, our layover in Chicago got cancelled. We weren't able to fly out until Sunday, 12/23. After some tears and long phone calls with American Airlines, we did make it home.

On "our Christmas morning" in Seattle, I made a yummy breakfast and eggs and pancakes and we opened gifts. Jude got some fun things to take on the airplane ride including stickers, crayons, and coloring sheets. He also got a cute reindeer hat and a Radio Flyer Tricycle. He checked it out by taking his elephant on a ride and once it was approved, he hopped on.

We celebrated Christmas Eve with Justin's family and did the annual sock exchange at the Clongingers. Christmas morning was a blast watching Jude open presents. His favorite gifts there included his Fisher Price nativity scene, aka Baby Jesus and his new puzzles. We went to Denver for the day to spend time with the great grandparents and great, great grandma's and enjoyed time with family. We also got to visit Papaw Derrick's golf course and ride on the golf cart.

When we switched over to my family, we enjoyed a Christmas dinner and opening gifts with my family. Jude loved his new Lightning McQueen suitcase and all his new animals and dinos. On the morning after we arrived in Asheboro, Jude took a fall off my parents' back porch steps and we spent the day in the ER and the pediatric dentist. Thankfully, his teeth were still in tact, but he had several deep cuts in and outside of his mouth and lots of bruising. For the next few days, he survived on applesauce, yogurt, and scrambled eggs. He was so pitiful.

While in Asheboro, we started a new tradition of a family bowling tournament and had a good time! We rang in the New Year at Jillian and Phillip's, spending new year's eve helping organize Eli's nursery and packing Jillian's hospital bag. We rang in 2013 a little early so we could get up at 5:30 am (that's 2:30 am Seattle time) and head back west.

We had such a wonderful visit with our families and I am so thankful for the opportunity to share time with people we love and create traditions for Jude.

Above all else, I loved teaching Jude about the real meaning of Christmas. He is beginning to talk about Jesus and is listening to the Bible stories we've been reading to him since he was born.

*I hope to learn how to upload my camera pics to my school mac soon...I know that's what people like to see. :)

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