Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sweetness And A Birthday

 It's hard to believe this sweet gal is 9.5 weeks old. She's not a newborn any  more, she's getting on a good schedule, and she's totally melting my heart over and over again every day.
 This was on her 8 week birthday. I really like her being born on a Sunday because we save her cutesie outfits for then any way. She truly is a doll. She enjoys watching Jude play, smiles a ton, especially when I talk to her, and loves her swing. She will stay in there watching the mobile and crack herself up. She continues to eat and sleep well, though I do believe she has had a growth spurt these last few days. She's been averaging 6 hour stretches and has slept as long as 8.5 hours once, but last night I had a 10:30 pm, 1:30 am, 4 am, and 6:30 am kind of night...definitely sounds like a growth spurt.
 Knock on some serious wood, but she's easy to get to go down. Jude fought sleep until he was about 6 months old. This gal wimpers for about 2 minutes and gets a little fussy, then conks out.
 At eight weeks we tried the Bumbo. She actually seems to like it. She does not prefer tummy time and has grown to like her play mat now that she wants to reach for the animals.

Sweet Sadie girl, we love you and your snuggles, laughs, and grins.
And, Eli Baby celebrated his 1st birthday today! Though we are so sad to miss out on the celebration, we have been thinking of you all day sweet boy! Yaya (that's me, he calls me by name!) loves you SOOOO much! My favorite things about you are when you look over your shoulder, grin and wave and say "hey". Precious. I also love how you love your Mommy, giggle, and sport your cool clothes. I am so thankful to be your aunt!

Next post will be about all our special visitors!!!

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