Wednesday, January 29, 2014


 We have been so blessed to have so many visitors since Sadie's birth. As mentioned before, my Mom, sister, and nephew all came before the holidays and the last 2 weeks have been a blessing of friends and family again.

Over MLK weekend, 2 of my very best friends came to visit from Auburn. They were willing to use their vacation time and money to be with me and my family.  Our long weekend together started off as any good girl time should, talking and catching up until 2 am (that's 4 am their time, whew they love me).

One night, we went childless to my favorite Thai restaurant for them to try and we all got yummy dishes. It was great to talk, encourage, and laugh with these sweet souls.
 We also enjoyed shopping in Bellevue and a day in down town Seattle. We got to enjoy the market, yummy seafood and the view from the Columbia building. I didn't realize it's the 9th tallest building in the world and we could not have asked for better weather. We were able to see all the beauty of God's creation including Mt. Rainier, the Cascades, and the Olympics.
 This was a fun shot Em got on their way back east. I could not have asked for a better visit with my friends. Good food, lots of laughter and even some tears, and wonderful memories I'll cherish forever. I am so incredibly blessed to have these prayer warriors as friends.
 A few days later, Justin's Mamaw Joyce came to visit. She is the first of his family to get to meet sweet Sadie. What a wonderful visit we had. We spent a great deal of time around the house, letting her love on the kiddos, but we did get to enjoy some lunches out, a trip to Target for her to get the kid (and me) some treats, time outside in the unseasonably beautiful weather, and church. We had some a great time with her and we were so sad to see her go.

My children are blessed to have 5 great grandparents, plus 2 great great grandmas, still here with us.
When Emily, Katherine, and Mamaw Joyce all left, Jude got really sad. He kept saying he misses them and who will be our next visitors. We have Nana and Papaw's visit on our calendar! I'm not sure what he'll do when they stop coming in waves, but by then, it will be time for us to head back east for some visits.

Again, great times with good people...couldn't ask for much more!

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