Monday, March 24, 2014

4 Months Already?

Sweet pea turned 4 months last week and we had her 4 month check up a few days later. The doctor was very pleased with her size and her social sweetness. She cooed and laughed at him the whole time. We saw our new doctor in our new town and I really like him! He took so much time to talk and get to know us. I think he will be a great fit for our family.

Sadie is a big girl! At least she is proportional I suppose. Jude was bigger at this stage too and thinned out once he started moving. Here are her stats:

Head Circumference: 16.25 cm (90%)
Weight: 15 lb. 14 oz (75%)
Length: 24.5 in. (75%)

Sadie does have excema and the cyst on her eye is one we have to keep an eye on. It is on her left eye brow. Our first pediatrician thought it was a birth trauma but our new doctors feels certain it is not. He gave me the  name of the kind of cyst but I don't remember. :( It could go away, but if he doesn't by age 2, he will refer us to an eye surgeon. As long as it does not effect her vision, which now it does not seem to be, we have no worries other than the cosmetic side of things.

At 4 months, Sadie LOVES to jump. She wants to jump in her play table, jump while standing on your legs, or lie on the bed while Jude jumps on it. She laughs and is so ticklish. She is on a good day schedule, taking a morning nap around 10, an afternoon nap around 1:30 and an evening cat nap around 5-5:30 pm. Bed time is 8-8:30, dream feed at 10:30, and she wakes between 4-5 to feed, then goes back to sleep until 7-7:30. She has skipped the early morning feeding a few times, but not consistently. She continues to not care much about her bappy but does enjoy snuggling with her lovey. She can roll backwards and forwards and enjoys chewing/sucking on her fingers. She adores Jude and watching him.

Sadie, you are a beautiful blessing and we love you more each day!

*We will have lots of pictures from our NC visit on the next post! :)

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