Thursday, March 13, 2014

Settling In

 We are officially settling in at our new home. Boxes are officially unpacked, pictures are on the walls, and we are getting a new routine. Part of that new routine is LOTS of time outside, which I'm enjoying. We have a creek that runs in our backyard with a bridge (as you see pictured) that allows Jude to play safely. He loves to throw sticks and rocks into the water.
 We also have a 2 acre front yard. Lots of great space for Mason and Jude to romp around in, as well as for Justin to mow in the summer. Yippee.

This is definitely a change in pace considering we are in another small town, quite different than life near a large city, but it's a blessing to be home every day and to know Justin will be home with us. We are enjoying our time as spring approaches (and Jude's birthday this weekend!)
 And of course, I can't post without including these 2 sweet faces. Sadie continues to be such a sweet baby. She wakes up between 7:30-8 each morning and feeds every 3.5-4 hours. She officially goes to bed between 8 and 9 every night. Though I've followed the same routine as I did with Jude man, Sadie is still not sleeping through the night consistently, but that's ok. I know she is still little. She usually wakes between 2-3 am, again around 5:30 or 6, and then wakes up for a slight snack as aforementioned to begin her day.

She truly is a very contented and happy baby. She naps well and her favorite things are her jumpy toy and watching Jude play. She will actually cry at times until you put her into her jumpy.

We go for her 4 month check up next week so I'm eager to see how Miss Pris is growing.
And this little man is doing great with the new transition into our new home. Because it's a lot bigger than our old apartment, the first few days, when we would ask him to go get something in such and such, he would often go the wrong way, ha. He now knows where to look for things. He is a great helper and enjoys helping me cook and do some chores around the house. We try to do 2 15 minute learning/structured tasks each day focusing on numbers, letters, and Bible time but overall, we enjoy free play and exploration.

Though I greatly miss my friends and am adjusting to a new town, I am thankful for God's hand over us and for these passing days with my babes.

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