Monday, November 3, 2014

October Fun

 We have enjoyed a wonderful and fast October. The kids enjoyed carving our pumpkin. Sadie loved getting the pulp out and Jude's new favorite are roasted pumpkin seeds. Justin was not super happy about the new healthy approach to my pumpkin bread that did not include sugar. He was sorely disappointed.
 It's been pretty rainy, which makes me feel like we're back on the west side of the state, but we've endured. We've had some spotty sunny days this month and they've been nice.
 Jude was pretty excited to be a raccoon for Halloween this year. He gets a subscription to Highlights Jr. and the character of Ricky Raccoon inspired his idea.
 Sadie had a hand me down owl costume from my cousin's little girl, so they made quite a cute "forest friends" pair. We enjoyed Halloween by going trick or treating with friends down Main Street in our town. We got plenty of candy and I am super proud of how independent Jude was. He even went through the scary porch to get a king size candy bar. :)
We will be celebrating Sadie's first birthday soon and are looking forward to my sister and nephew visiting in just a few days. We are so incredibly blessed and thankful to enjoy more family traditions and memories.

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