Saturday, November 15, 2014

Visit From The North Carolinians

 Y'all, we had such a wonderful visit with my sister and nephew! The week went by entirely too fast, filled with fun activities and making wonderful memories. Jude and Sadie both were pumped to have them here!
 It's hard to believe that Eli and Sadie are only 10 months apart. All 3 children played so well together. I was very proud of how well they shared and got along.

The week they were here was busy. They flew in on Wednesday afternoon. By the time we got back to our home from the airport, the kids definitely needed some running around time, so we played outside until they couldn't take it any longer and put them all down for a nap.

Thursday, we went to my Mom's Bible study at church and my sister got to meet several of my church friends.
 While we were there, the children were playing together with lots of other children. One friend of Jude's told Eli he couldn't play with them because he was a baby. Jude, very sternly I might add, said, "This is my cousin and he CAN play with us!" I was so proud of him for standing up for Eli.

Eli's vocabulary has soared since we visited in June. He is talking up a storm! He loved playing with the "moonboons" aka balloons, that were for Sadie's party.

On Friday, we took a long walk with the kiddos and went to a neighbor's house to pick apples and visit the horses. That was fun and each child was double fisting it with the apples.
 This little bruiser kept right up with the big boys. When they would play chase, she would cackle and waddle right after them.
 On Saturday, we did an early birthday party for Sadie so Jillian and Eli could be a part of the celebration. I am so thankful they were able to be here. I'm also glad we did it since last Saturday the high was 55 and today it's 31. :)
 This is my pitiful attempt at making a birthday cake. Jude has been very lucky that Uncle Zach's girlfriend Brittany usually is able to make his. :/
 Sadie was one happy girl to dig into her cake. We had to pry it away so she wouldn't eat too much.
 Sadie was showered with fun gifts from close friends (and family via the mail). My heart simply overflows with joy as I think of how God provides for us so far from home.
 On Sunday, we enjoyed going to church and a lazy afternoon of the adults talking and catching up while the kids napped.

Monday was a fun day into "town" to Ace Hardware (where they have toys!) and the thrift store. We are again, so blessed to have a nice thrift store and another consignment store so close by to find good deals. I got new boots, Justin a pair of camo pants, Sadie some tights, and Jude 2 new shirts for less than $15.00. The pants alone would have been double that brand new.
 On Tuesday,  Justin had the day off for Veteran's Day. We got a drift of snow as a cold front came through down where we live and the ski hill got about 4 inches. I had the grand idea of taking the kids sledding and it did not meet my expectations.
 Being the first snow, it was very powdery, so as we sledded, snow sprayed into our faces, making it even more cold. After about 30 minutes, all 3 kids were crying hysterically and we adults agreed we should call it a day.
Our last day was a good, simple one, just playing around the house. It was good to just be still and enjoy watching the kids enjoy one another. I'm so thankful that Jude has a cousin so close to his age, I only wish they could get more time together.

I had such a wonderful time with my sister. I do not say it lightly when I say she is my best friend. We have always been very close and though many miles separate us physically now as adults, our hearts are still so close. We are able to share honestly with each other and hold one another accountable. This truly was the best visit we've ever had. I am grateful that Jillian took the time and money to come and experience our life way out here. I can't say she had much of a vacation, as poor Eli didn't adjust to our time zone until the very last day, and she was busy helping me with my kids, but it was such a great time to just be together. I think we could get into trouble if we lived too close to each other. :)

In a few days, we will have Sadie's first birthday, which is so hard to believe. My heart is so full for the wonderful gifts from above.

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