Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wonderful Wedding Weekend and Bump Pics

Justin and me at the Cherka/McPherson Wedding
10 Weeks-nothing yet

15 Weeks, 3 days, definitley a bump. I've had to begin using the rubber band trick on some of my pants!

We spent a wonderful weekend in Shelby, NC visiting family and celebrating with our sweet friends, Matt and Amy, in their wedding. I took the day off on Friday to go to our appointment aforementioned on the blog then we hit the road by lunch to spend some good, QT with family. We enjoyed dinner with Justin's parents, as well as my whole clan in Charlotte and it was soooo good seeing everyone. This was the first time we've seen our families since we've found out about our addition and it was so good to actually just "be with them".

On Saturday, we drove to Denver (NC that is) and spent a few hours with each set of Justin's grandparents. I really enjoyed our time together and loved seeing them. We got to bring home some of Mamaw Joyce's apple butter and Mamaw Ann's strawberry fig preserves, so that was a treat!

On Saturday evening, we enjoyed the wedding, which was beautiful! Matt's mother is an amazing cook and she actually catered the whole thing herself. Needless to say, Justin was happy. Good food=happy Justin. :) We did have to get home in time to watch the 2nd half of the Auburn game with Justin's family, but I fell asleep, oh well. :)

Sunday we were able to see many of our Shelby friends again in Sunday School and we enjoyed a yummy lunch with Justin's Mom and Dad and Cody. After lunch, the boys all took a nap while Gina and I went to the mall for a little while, then Justin and headed back south. Though it was a short trip, it was so good to be "home".

God has so graciously blessed us with a "home away from home" in Auburn and amazing friends who feel like family. However, nothing beats grandma's cooking or hugs from your own Momma and Daddy.


kpmantooth said...

Sigh...my post three children bump rivals your 15 week pregnant bump!

Nikki said...

You look amazing after having 3 children Katie! Consider the bump a sign of love!