Friday, October 1, 2010

Loves Me or Loves a Good Deal? :)

I think it's because he loves me! Justin won the "Best Husband" award today for sure. If you know my husband at all, you know he hates shopping, could care less about buying anything other than food, books, and camping gear, and knows nothing about babies. However, today he really pulled through!
The Kids Clothing Connection is a semi-annual consignment sale that comes to Opelika. They allow 1st time Mom's to come a day earlier than the general public if you pre-register, but the time is during the day while I'm at work. I asked Justin if he would be willing to go and he agreed to it. I research all of our "big" needs/wants for the baby and their retail prices. I then researched good consignment prices. And, off Justin went with a list of words and numbers he knew nothing about.

After 7 phone calls, this is what he came home with: (A few pictures are above)

1. Chicco Cortina Stroller, Car Seat, Base Set, Retail-$329+tax, with an additional base, retails at $75, total retail, approximately $425, including taxes

Our price=$120! And it's in excellent condition
2. Chicco Ultrasoft Baby Carrier-Retails @ $80, got it for $25! It still had the tags on it and was in the original packaging. This is what Justin is most excited about!
3. Gracco Pack-n-Play-Retails @ $70-$120, we got one for $25.
4. Bumbo Seat + Eating Tray-Retails at $45 and we got it for $20
Needless to say, God is good. He always provides! We spent $190 and the stroller itself is so much more than that! Yay! I'm going tomorrow to look for other good deals!
Justin was so proud, he even came by my classroom so I could go outside and see the items! He did a great job. I think this was his first big step into Daddy-hood.


Anonymous said...

Please tell J that I'm very impressed with his purchases! But, did he get a red stroller and car seat? If so, Baby is going to be a NC State fan for sure! :)

Nikki said...

haha...I couldn't find the right color's actually more grey with navy and orange lines, that's just the style. :)