Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Flowers and Birthdays

Jude has already taken my birthday thunder since we found out he was a he the day before it, so I am just now getting to blogging about my 25th birthday. That's right, on October 14 I turned a quarter of a century old, haha. Honestly, having the news of a healthy baby boy could not have been any better of a present, but along with that wonderful news, I did feel extremely loved and appreciated. I got lots of cards and money (thank the Lord I can get some new glasses now) from family and my sweet friends at work and students had me a cake and a few surprises. Justin was super sweet and bought me some fall flowers for the yard, which is what I asked for. We got some new mums and pansies to keep the yard bright until winter. We also went to Dreamland BBQ in Montgomery the following weekend.

Thankfully, my birthday is not marked with bad luck like Justin's. 2 years ago, he hit another truck on his birthday and this past year was when we had the terrible poison scare with Mason, so next summer on Justin's birthday, we're staying inside all day, no accidents! :)
Happy Belated Birthday to me. :)

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