Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 2011

Holy Cow, where has the time gone? Every day is so quick to pass by and I know it will go by even faster with Jude gets here. We are officially on the "home stretch". I'm 33.5 weeks pregnant, meaning, there is only 6.5 weeks before my due date! God has so richly blessed us and I can't wait to meet our son!

On that note, as much as I am longing to meet him, I have been battling with mine and Justin's "our time". Don't get me wrong, I know Jude will bless our home and marriage more than we can imagine, but I also know that we will be tried in new ways, especially in making Justin always feel like my #1 man! February is our last FULL month before Jude gets here, yes, that's right, NEXT month, our son will be born (we hope he does not come too early :)).

We have LOTS going on in this last month...including: finishing the nursery, my last shower, the Superbowl, our Birthing class, my breast feeding class, a Parenting Seminar, weekly Bible study, Valentine's Day, Justin's conference at UGA, an interview in Montana, other showers for friends, FBCO Women's Conference, and my launching of my new business as a BeautiControl consultant! Yes, all that in the next 28 days + regular exercise and work hours.

If I'm not busy, I don't know what to do...please be praying for our family as we approach this time of transition! So EXCITING!

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