Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Afternoon at the park...

When we told everyone that we were moving to Arizona, everyone said, "Oh, it's so hot!" Me included. However, our quaint little town is actually in the mountains, not the "Valley" aka Mesa/Phoenix area and it's a good 10-15 degrees cooler here than there. This morning we woke up to a perfect 70! Granted, it did make it to the mid 90's, but with 3% humidity, that's nothing compared to the 100+ heat in Alabama with 100% humidity. Any who, last weekend, we decided to go to a local park and "play" with Jude. Justin and I probably had more fun than he did, but he did really love the swing. Mason also enjoyed having grass to roll in, since we have very little in our yard.
Jude LOVES his Daddy! When Justin gets home, he just lights up. However, he is still definitely a Momma's boy. If he's grumpy or tired, he prefers me, but he loves to play with Justin.
I'm really enjoying having my camera that takes action shots. It has several options, but my favorite is the one that takes 20 frames and you choose which ones you like. It's really funny to see the faces we make in slow motion!
Many people have been wondering how we're adjusting, and I honestly think we're all doing really well. After only 2 nights here, Jude decided to start stretching his 5-5:30 am feeding to 6:15 or even as late as 7:40 a few times, so that's been nice. We still have to go in at least once in the middle of the night to help him out with his paci, but that's it. He's also doing well with his new sitter. She has another 18 month old little boy she also keeps, so I think that will be good for Jude. She says he's fussy most days, but I know my boy and I think that's relative. I have done A LOT of babysitting over the years...it's practically what got me through college, and I've seen fussy babies and Jude is not one of them. Don't get me wrong, my child cries, but I would consider him pretty typical. He'll cry if he's hungry, wet, or tired. He'll wimper a little if he's getting bored with an activity (which is what I think is happening at her house) but over all, if he's communicating, there is a reason.

As far as Justin and I adjusting, I think it's going really well. We have started a new devotional that we do seperately, but most days discuss and with his work schedule, we're getting in a good family routine at night where we eat dinner while Jude takes an evening cat nap, he wakes up and eats, then we take Mason on a nice walk, come back for a bath, and them play. I really enjoy it! I won't lie...this weekend I had a total break down and said I hated it here and really complained but talk about conviction. It was like a neon sign was over my head saying "Do all things without complaining..." Needless to say, the Holy Spirit quickly reminded me of the many things I have to be thankful for, and there are many, and got back into a normal frame of mind.

Any who, that's about it...kiddos come back to school tomorrow, but fortunately it's only for 2 days and I get all day Friday, Saturdsay, and Sunday with my boys!

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