Monday, August 1, 2011

Settling In...

That's what Jude said to riding in a car seat for 3 days/1700 miles. :) "Poo on you!" No really, he did great and so did Mason. After what seemed like a huge deal at the time, we had an ordeal with the moving company, but God was faithful and with the help of wonderful friends and great family, we made it! Our quaint little town is definitely different than Auburn, but 3 years ago, I was thinking, "Man, Auburn is so different from Wilmington!" and I fell in love with it. The people here are super nice and love to hear our accents.
After unpacking boxes and beginning to settle in, we took a "hike" at Rount Mt. Park here in our new town. Jude loves being outside and it's got nice trails that are actually more flat than our neighborhood. Taking a "leisurely" walk is more like running stadiums and my glutes are on fire.
Jude is loving eating his oatmeal and changes more and more every day. Though we are going through some crazy transitions right now and we are experiencing God's love and mercy like never more!

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