Saturday, September 10, 2011

Laboy Day Weekend

We had such a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! My Mom and sister were able to come out! Mom was here from Wednesday night until Monday morning and Jillian was here from Thursday afternoon until the next Thursday morning. It was such a wonderful visit and it was hard to see them go! When we were taking my Mom to the airport on Monday, Mason had the saddest look (he knows what it means when someone has a suitcase) and she started crying. It was so cute.

I have always been extremely close to my Mom and sister. Jillian was even in the delivery room when Jude was born. They are my very best friends, so to have them here was like having a piece of home, which I honestly, was really needing. Below, you'll see some of the pictures of our adventures while they were here.

On one evening, we decided to take everyone to Round Mt. Park to let them take the hike to the top and see the beautiful view of the city. Mom and Jillian both did great. I'm not going to lie, I was worried about my Mom, but she did great! She only said she hated me once, haha. But when it was all said and done, I know she had a sense of accomplishment. After she's seen she can do that hike, she's even signed up for Zumba classes back home! I'm so proud of her!!!Of course Jude got new toys while Mo Mo was visiting. It's really a good thing, because most of his toys are for 3 months and he's almost 6, so he really needed some new things to keep his mind stimulated. He liked showing off how great he's been sitting up! He's been doing his for about 2 weeks now and really does great. He does tumble occasionally after about 20 or 30 minutes because he's tired, but he's doing great! He got his new stacker toys, a blow up zebra, a new book, and a Mickey Mouse laptop!
My Mom, who we have been calling Dee Dee as her "grandma" name, has decided we're going to call her Mo Mo. When we were in high school, Jillian started calling her Mo as a joke, short for Momma, and it stuck, so often, we call her Mo. One day when they were visiting, I called her Mo Mo and we were like, "That is too cute! That should be your name!" All of my cousins call her Aunt Dee Dee and she just couldn't see Jude calling her wasn't sticking, but Mo Mo is! So, Mo Mo and Pop it is!
We also took Mom and Jillian to Roosevelt Lake. We had a really good time and Jude really enjoyed the water and his new float. While they were visiting, Jude had an ear infection and had some teeth really start to come up...they've not broken the surface, but you can see 2 white buds. He also had a lot of congestion. Given how sick the little man was, he really was a trooper!

Also, over the weekend, Jude watched pieces of his first Auburn game with Daddy as well as going shopping with Auntie J in Phoenix after dropping Mo Mo off at the airport. We have been so blessed to have everything given to us as gifts, we've really not had to buy very much at all for the little squirt. However, Most of his clothes were from newborn to 6 months, several 9 month sleepers, and then clothes for 12 months and older. He literally has 3 onesies and 1 pair of pants to do him from now until he's a year, so we went shopping at a sale at Baby Gap and got his entire fall/winter wardrobe pretty much. I was very happy with our purchases! Really all he needs now is new shoes and a winter coat, but we're seeing family in October and November, so we're waiting it out. :)

What a blessed weekend! We are going to have a webcam date with Nana and Papaw Derrick today...we miss them too!

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