Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Have to Brag on HIM!

Our move across the country has taught us a lot about trusting the Lord with our finances. I took almost a $700/month pay cut in my job and though Justin makes more monthly, he finally received his first pay check since JULY this past week. Needless to say, we've had to really be careful with where our money has gone, which has been really hard, since I think we've ALWAYS had to do that. Any who, last Sunday, Justin and I realized that we had not tithed since the end of September, meaning, we've been scrimping out on the Lord for October and November. Justin looked at me in church and said, "If we write a check, it will bounce." We both knew we had to move some money over to savings and stop being disobedient. So, we wrote the check, placed it in the offering plate, asked the Lord to forgive us for not trusting him and obeying, and asked that he bless out tithes, though they be late.

This week, Justin and I set a goal of $4,000 to set back for some student loans that we will be inheriting next year. I usually don't drop numbers, but this is just how good God is y'all...so, we prayed, surrendered that number to the Lord and moved on.

Yesterday, my principal called me on the phone and told me to call him Santa Clause. I was like, "Ok Santa, what's up." Apparently, there was a mix up in our HR department and I never received my signing bonus (something I was NEVER told about.) I asked how much it was and he said, $4000. Tell me my God is not faithful!

In 1 week, Justin and I finally gave God what was His in the first place...we surrendered our account to Him and asked that He provide, and provide He did. Thank you and Praise you Lord...I just had to share!

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