Monday, September 3, 2012

Elijah Mason

The soon to be Mommy and Daddy

 In the midst of the craziness of summer and yet another cross country move, I have not been able to blog about my sweet nephew who is due in January!!! In May, my sister texted me a picture of a positive pregnancy test while I was at school and I screamed when I checked the text. Later that afternoon, I showed Justin the picture and he said "Does that say positive?" and I said "yes". He then asked, "Who peed on that stick?" with a look of sheer horror and I busted out laughing, assurring him it was Jillian's. Any who, I am thrilled to know that my sister is getting to experience the beauty of motherhood and the fact that Jude will have a cousin so close in age (22 months apart) to play with and share memories with!

We were SO lucky to be at home when Jillian and Phillip had the ultrasound to announce the gender of the baby. Because I won't be back home until Christmas, I wanted to throw them a Revealing Party with the help of Mom, Phillip's Mom, and his step-Mom. We had a great time and it turned out really well!
 The delicious spread!
 Phillip's Mom did a great job on this adorable fruit basket. I was super impressed!
 Everyone was supposed to wear their color of gender guess and team blue out voted team pink. Aunt Brenda, Phillip's cousin and me were the only ones to go pink. Of course, my Mom tried to cheat and wear both.
 Phillip and Jillian played a matching game where there were different things on the cards to represent either a boy or girl. For example, there were 2 football players and 2 purses matched up. After the ultrasound, they took out on picture of the gender the baby is so leave 1 picture unmatched.
 Aunt Debbie, Gerri Le, and Jamen also got to "attend" the party via webcam. I love modern technology!
 And, of course as we know, it was a boy! Jude was pretty stoked to see "bababalloons" regardless of the color but he was definitely the ham of the party.
We had a great time and it was a great way to kind of finalize our wonderful summer at home. I have been busy going through Jude's clothes that we can hand down to Eli in hopes to take them home over Christmas. Since he will be born in the winter and Jude was a spring baby living in hot areas (AL and AZ) some things won't match up because of season, but having birthdays only 2 months apart allows for some clothes to overlap. From what I can tell, fall and winter clothes will be good but since Jude is on the smaller side his 12 month clothes were all summer and Eli will be in the dead of winter at 1 year. However, we have some really cute snuggly new born and 3 month clothes Jude never even wore that Eli can wear since it was so unseasonably warm the spring Jude was born. (87 degrees on March 17, the day we brought him home.)

I am so super excited to meet this new sweet little man in our family! We can't wait to meet you Eli and we are so happy for Jillian and Phillip!

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