Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Year and a Half Already?

 Our sweet little man turned 18 months yesterday. Wow...our new family pastor said it well last week in Sunday school, "Sometimes the days seem long, but the years go by so quickly." Amen.

Without becoming too nostaglic and longing for time to slow down, I'll give an update on this little guy. In the past month, Jude has gotten into his new routine and is settling in as a temporary Northwesterner pretty well. He talks up a storm and can tell you pretty much any animal. No joke. His favorite books now are his Eric Carle books, including the whole Brown Bear series and the "Can You Do It?" Book. He really enjoys thumping his chest like a gorilla. He points at everything and tries to say the word. He also likes telling us that "I Jude" while pointing to himself, and pointing at us and saying "Momma" and "Dada". He is continuing to eat well. This month, he has gone away from not wanting any water, actually refusing it, and wanting only milk...hmmm....I have broken down a few times and given him really watered down juice because drinking 24 oz of milk a day at this point is not only expensive, but just seems like too much. Not sure? He also trying new things. He is eating small salads with lettuce, cucumbers, and carrots (and plenty or lite ranch), as well as more whole wheat pasta options.

He loves being outside and usually pitches a fit when it's time to come in. He loves his bathtime and playing with puzzles. His favorite game is hide and seek. He'll pull at us and say "Ga hide" and wants us to hide with him with the other finds us. He will "shush" you while hiding but then start giggling himself. His new favorite word is "No" and we're really having to press upon him that there are very few times when telling Mommy and Daddy no are truly appropriate. It's tough, "Do you want water?" Jude says "No" and that's ok. I ask, "Jude sit down please." and he responds "No", not ok, disobedience.
 Last weekend, this little guy was really sick and ran a high fever. He stayed home with Daddy on Monday and I took him to the dr. that afternoon. We found out that he had his first DOUBLE ear infection, poor guy. He stayed home on Tuesday again and seems to be doing much better. We are so thankful this was only his 2nd ear infection ever, knock on wood.

He continues to be a sweetie. He wants to snuggle before every nap and bed time, which I certainly don't mind. He only gets his Bap (paci) while in his crib or snuggling in the rocking chair right before which I'm really proud of. We don't take it anywhere with us. His usual bed time is around 8:30 (9 on the weekends) and he will sleep til 7:30 if we let him. Unfortunatley, during the week I have to wake him up by 6:45 to get to work on time.

Jude is in all 18-24 month clothes now, with the exception of a few pair of shorts and summer shirts that are 12 months. He wears a size 5.5 shoe. He weighed 26 lb. 10 oz. at his appointment last week but we have our actual 18 month check up tomorrow.
Jude is becoming so independent and has a helping heart. He helps feed and water Mason every day and if I need him to get something, he can follow 2-3 step directions. He's really good at getting my purse or shoes from another room if I need him to.

Something you can't quiet tell from pictures is his crazy hair. He's definitley a blondie and has wispy hair like I did when I was little. Because it's so fine, it sticks straight up at his crown. We will wet it down but the second it gets dry, it goes right back up. It's pretty darn cute and almost everyone comments on it.

Jude, we are so thankful to have you in our lives. We are blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity to raise you as our son. We love you!

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