Monday, September 3, 2012

Woodland Park Zoo Visit

 We have been enjoying the beautiful summer weather in our new town. Not a drop of rain since we moved in 3 weeks ago. It's been in the low to mid 70's every day with beautiful clear skies. This weekend, we went to one of the local zoos. I really enjoyed the lay out because the enclosures are closer together and the animals are much closer and easier to see. This little guy LOVED it! He didn't want to leave any exhibit and we had to keep telling him we were going to see more animals. He loved the exhibit with the snakes and lizards and he hissed the whole time.

 Jude was really brave and fed some birds. He wasn't so sure about petting the goats and sheep at the petting zoo though.
 He was zoning in on the monkeys.
 One of his new books has a macaroni penguin so he was pretty excited to see these guys. He also liked being able to watch them go under water in their tanks. The otters did that too and he would jump back every time.
And, I was able to snap a picture of Jude doing his skunk face. He adds in the sound "shew" too and it's pretty darn cute. We are planning an aquarium visit soon and I'm pretty sure this little guy is going to have some similar interests as his Daddy's, at least for now. :)

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