Monday, December 10, 2012

Jingle Bells

 Though this wonderful mother forgot to press "record" on her camera, another mother did not, so I was able to get copies of pictures and video of Jude's first Christmas program. He and his class "sang" Jingle Bells, aka, jingled bells while the tape played, haha. Jude did great. No tears, but  no smiles either. There were a few hams that were trying to run around the stage and Jude just sad there quietly. He did not seem amused.
 Here he is jingling his bells.
Justin and I were quite proud of how well he behaved. We also think he's pretty stinking cute with that crazy hair of his. He continues to learn and grow so much. I can't believe we are celebrating his 2nd Christmas and I am thrilled to spend my days with this sweet boy!

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