Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chick-fil-a Leadercast and a Few Other Things...

I had a great Mother's Day weekend with my Momma and Mamaw (and my two wonderful siblings and other family members...Daddy had to stay home and preach). I have been richly blessed with wonderful women in my life, especially my Momma and my 2 grandmothers. (My Mimmie, Mary Lamb, went to be with Jesus on November 2, 2006, my junior year of college.) My other grandmother, Mamaw, Peggy Brackett, is still kicking it quite well! I have had 3 amazing examples of 3 women who truly do seek God and though they may not always have the answers, their vulnerability, persistance, and unending love, have carried me along life's topsy, turvy waves.

I also have to admit that Mother's Day was somewhat difficult for me. We did not go to church, and I appreciate my family being so sensitive to my emotions this year. I just wasn't sure if I could make it through all of the announcements of motherhood, knowing that our little one went to be with Jesus in January. Though I do rejoice in the precious life God has blessed other families with, I cry quite often when talking about babies these days. If I had been in Auburn, I think I would have been ok, maybe, since it's my home church, but visiting my aunt's church with a lot of strangers would have been very awkward. My Mom, also having had a miscarriage before my brother and having struggled with fertility, encouraged me to stay at home, which we did. We enjoyed our talks with just our family about the Lord and spending quality time with our Momma, something that we don't get very often any more.

Ok, so now moving past the emotional things, I wanted to share about a great Leadership Conference I went to on Friday before leaving for Tennessee at Auburn University. As you can tell by the title, it was hosted by Chick-fil-a in Atlanta and we watched it via simulcast. Some of the guest speakers were: Connie Podesta, an expert in the psychology of human behavior and leadership development, Tony Dungy, retired head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Mark Sanborn, best selling author, and John Maxwell, leadership expert and best selling author. (These are just a few of the speakers who happen to be my favorites of the day.) I wanted to share some of the key ideas/just good quotes that I thought some readers might enjoy as food for thought...

From Connie Podesta:
-Ask yourself these 2 questions: Am I proud of the professional choices I'm making? and Am I proud of the personal choices I am making?
-She emphasizes there is NO seperating personal life and professional life and that leadership is a way of life. Every decision we make effects our leadership abilities

From Tony Dungy:
-When asked, "How do you get your players to follow you as a leader?" his response was, "Character has to be inside someone. Though a leader can help enhance certain qualities, the individual must buy into doing the right thing."
-He also encouraged leaders to remember that there are certain things that are simply out of our control. We have to surrender those to the Lord (yes, he said this! oh how I love his testimony) and do what we can. **This directly comes from the Serenity prayer I blogged on in an earlier post.
-His Pep Talk: 1. God has put YOU here for a reason. 2. You are impacting people whether you realize it or not. 3. Encourage others to always be ready to "Be the one".

From Mark Sanborn:
-Ask yourself the question, "Are people better because of knowing me?" WOW

From John Maxwell:
-CONNECTING is the ability to identify with and relate to people in such a way that our influence increases with them. We must CONNECT with people to communicate and effectively lead them.
-Here are a few tips on CONNECTING:
A. Connecting is all about others, it's not about us.
B. Connecting requires energy...at times we must work at it.
3. Connectors find common ground...effectiveness in leadership is based on similarities, not differences.

Until next time...how can you be a better leader? At home? At work? With your friends? At church?...

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