Tuesday, May 25, 2010

End of the Year Evaluation

As an educator, I believe that reflection in all facets of life is key to evaluate what works and what doesn't in lessons and projects. I gave an evaluation to my students to try and see what they thought worked this year and what didn't. Enjoy the responses (I have kept exact spelling for purposes understood. :))

Here are a few examples...

1. What is something you DID NOT like about school?
RESPONSES: "I don't not like doing work.", "I did not like when I got in trouble this year but next year it will be better.",
2. What are things you learned this year? "I learned math and tiping (typing).", "We are learned about no smok is bed for u." "Time table, devision, motablecation"

As of 3:00 tomorrow, my summer will officially begin! :)