Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy 3 Months!

This picture was a trial run to make sure Jude's outfit for Auntie J's wedding fits. It's a little long, but it's going to work really well!!! (I bought it from Fun and Fancy before he was born...I could not decide to go with the 3 month or 6 month and I'm so glad I went with the larger one, even though he's only 3 months, because there is no way the 3 month would have fit. Thanks to my sweet friend Katie for the advice.)

Before Jude was born, I didn't want to get a whole lot of things monogrammed because even if we don't have another boy, I'm sure I'll have a nephew at some point, or friends will have boys, and it makes it impossible to reuse clothes. However, now that Jude's here, certain dressy outfits look so classy with it monogrammed...I have debated getting this one done, but since it's VERY nice outfit ($79 nice + tax) and certainly can be reused, I guess it will not have JAD on the front. $5 onesies I can handle using with only 1 child. :)

Just like his arrival, the last 3 months of Jude's life has flown by. Friends and family have warned me that the days sneak by quickly, but there were not kidding! 3 months ago today at this time, Jude was roughly 9 hours old. I can not believe the changes that have already occurred. He can hold his head up all by himself pretty much all the time except while lying on his tummy. He gets tired then. He is very alert and loves all of his giraffe toys for some reason. He enjoys being outside, especially in his Chicco baby carrier but the last week or so, he has not loved his stroller. Jude, you have blessed your Mommy and Daddy's life more than you'll ever know!

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