Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Ball

Yesterday, my baby sister and very best friend got hitched to a really great guy! First of all, I must say, my sister is wonderful and I thank God daily for her. She has always been there for me and our personalities compliment one another perfectly. I am so proud of the young woman she has come! Secondly, Phillip is a pretty great guy himself. He was one of my brother's college roommates and was such a rock for Zach during the time of his brain tumor and his recovery. He loves the Lord and I have confidence that he will lead Jillian according to scripture. May God bless you Auntie J and Uncle Phil in your new marriage!!!

Jude had to see Auntie J before she walked down the aisle to wish her good luck! :)

Jude and Jamen were AWESOME ring bearers. Sweet Geoffrey (a precious 3 year old Jillian babysits) pulled the boys in this great wagon that our sweet friend Matt's stepdad built by hand. It turned out precious and made for some very special memories!

Jillian looked breathtaking and I am so honored to be able to stand by her as her matron of honor as she makes this important and holy commitment to her husband!

And, I just had to add this one along with it...I can't believe it's been almost 3 years since Jillian and I had switched roles on my wedding day. Wow, how time flies!!!

We love you Jillian and Phillip!!!

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