Monday, January 9, 2012


*First, please disregard the awful "Neighborhood Watch" sign on our door...we started to scrape it off, but the door has been painted and it will have a big hole.

Yes, I am officially addicted to Pinterest. I guess the word "addicted" is a little strong. I check it every few days to see if I can get some new ideas and I only stay on it for about 15 minutes a time, but still, it's more time on the computer than I used to spend. Any who, here is my 2nd project I made from an idea I got from Pinterest. I am pretty happy with my Yarn Wreath. My first "project" was a reindeer ornaments Jude and I made for Mo Mo, Nana, and Aunti J using Jude's foot prints.

I've enjoyed getting new ideas, especially yummy recipes that I've been trying and new ideas for things to make for our new house. I saw a quote that I think sums Pinterest up quite nicely, "Pinterest is for women what Fantasy Football is for men."

Happy Monday!

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