Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in Asheboro

Sharing Mo Mo with Alli!
Playing outside with Pop and Daddy...trying to eat acorns like the squirrels...again, 2 other things we don't have in AZ.
Lots of time playing with all the people I love the most!
Jude has really enjoyed playing with Alli, but I think he's really missed Mason. Whenever he sees pictures of Mason, he'll say "Da" or dog and squeal.
Where has the time gone? There are too many blessings to be thankful for over our Christmas holiday. Our holiday celebrations of 2011/beginning of 2012 have ended. We have spent a lot of time sitting around enjoying time with family, playing games, and visiting friends. One of the best treats Justin and I shared was a night staying at Jillian and Phillip's house with Jude staying with Mo Mo and Pop. Justin and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner, some shopping at the best outlet mall, and some much needed time as a of all, we slept in! Whew!
This time has been the most wonderful time of celebration and I can't wait to get back home! (As in, back to NC. :))

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