Thursday, January 19, 2012

10 Months

This sweet little guys is officially 10 months. He weighs 21 lbs, 5 oz and is 29 inches long. These are a few new things he's doing this month:

-Cruising while holding onto something, be it the coffee table, sofa, or his walker toy
-signing "All done", "more", and shaking his head for "No" (which he does far too often)
-having true temper tantrums...if he doesn't like something, he screams bloody murder
-Continuing to eat lots of yummy "real" food, new things include dried cranberries, turkey sausage, salmon, yogurt, blueberries, cinnamon rolls
-Continuing to sleep well through the night...he's usually an early riser, getting up between 6 or 6:30, but he's thrown in a few favors to Mommy and Daddy more often lately, giving us until 7 or even as late as 7:40!
-He loves playing peek-a-boo and singing
-He has learned how to get into Mason's crate, which he thinks is hysterical. If he climbs in while Mason is in it, Mason just gets up...he knows there is no way to relax with Jude crawling all over him

Jude is certainly a blessing from the Lord. I am immensely thankful to be honored to be his mother. We had the priviledge of having one of my best friend from college, Beth, to visit over the long was great to have her spend time with Jude while he's still small. I have begun 1st birthday plans...

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