Monday, November 4, 2013

Trick or Treat

 Jude was pretty pumped about going trick or treating. What he was NOT pumped about was his horse costume. Back in September after we went to the state fair, Jude began asking/begging/pleading to be a horse for Halloween. He wanted to be a clydes dale horse like "Sarge" at the fair. He wanted us to be a family of horses and said Eli should be a Shetland pony since he was itty bitty. Daily, all we heard about was being a horse.

So, like any good Mom and Dad, we searched online to find the cutest horse costume around. After lots of searching and $30 later, we found one. The day it came in the mail, I was pretty stoked to see Jude's reaction. Well, it was a reaction of pure despise. As soon as I pulled it out, he said, "NO! That is Jake, not Sarge!" What this meant was, the costume we found looked like Jake, brown with a black mane. Sarge, on the other hand was grey with white spots. Oh dear.

I insisted that we would not get another costume. If he wanted to go get candy, he would have to wear it. The inner battle of a 2.5 year old desperately wanting candy he does not get often vs. demanding his way was one.

As you can see from this picture, Jude was rescued when Auntie JJ sent him a Halloween treat package that happened to include this Frankenstein mask from the Target $1 spot. She thought it was cute, threw it in, and ended up being the way her nephew got to experience Halloween.

On Halloween afternoon, Jude was still pitching a fit to get into the dern horse get up.We showed him his options: Horse, a borrowed lion, football player (b/c we have a few jerseys), or Frankenstein. He was not getting another horse. We wanted him to use something we had provided for him. He chose the mask, we had a cute striped shirt to go with it, and we became a Frankenstein family.
Liquid eye liner and lip liner allowed Justin and I to have some fun with it too. I love Halloween (the fun part, not the weird, spooky, creepy part) so I was excited to have a little fun with it.
Justin was not as excited to put on a little face wear, but he appeased me.
And of course, sweet Sadie girl at 37 weeks had to make her debut on the blog. She is one active little lady. At my appointment last week, I'm right where I should be, measurement and progressing, so we should see her within the next 2 weeks!

We had a great time on Halloween. We went trick or treating with a friend of Jude's and his Mom, also a friend of mine. We just stuck to our neighborhood and Jude got some good treats. I love not having to buy incentives. He gets 1 treat per day based on good behavior and chores. He has no idea that many kids just get to get theirs, and that's fine by me.

This time next year, we'll have two little ones running around in costumes. The Lord has truly blessed us.

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